Unlock Real-time

Create dashboards using real-time data from different databases and display essential metrics side by side on a single screen.

Real-Time Interactive Dashboards

Create and Share Dynamic Dashboards with Reportql

Creating a Dashboard is Now a Piece of Cake!
Reportql's low-code platform lets developers create dashboards using just SQL. Effortlessly build content boxes, charts, pivots, or graphs. Customize elements like column percentage, database connections, paging, sorting, filtering, and excel export with a few clicks.
Experience the Power of Server-side Capabilities!
Our robust server-side architecture ensures seamless performance, even with big data and millions of records. Enjoy lightning-fast pagination and efficient data handling. Say goodbye to delays and hello to real-time insights with Reportql!
Seamless Integration with Your Existing Software!
Effortlessly embed Reportql into your existing program or custom applications. Enhance your software with advanced reporting, real-time insights, and comprehensive data visualizations. Make data-driven decisions faster than ever.

Who Benefits?

Reportql provides fast and effective solutions for IT Teams, Software Vendors and Manufacturers when visualazation the data.

Developers usually struggle when designing reports in BI tools. In daily workflow, end users need real-time information so quickly rather than in-depth analysis. With Reportql, developers can avoid repetitive development cycles for simple report creation or dashboard design.

Since Reportql can be easily embedded and integrated into existing or tailor-made software, it enables both software vendors and manufacturers to achieve high levels of customer success in the reporting services they provide to their clients.