Integrate Your Database with AI

Without any training or investment cost, Reportql can effortlessly query your data in natural language and get instant answers!

Power of AI-Driven Data Insights

Transform your data-driven workflow with ease! Simply ask, visualize, and share your insights with just one click!

Ask anything about your work in natural language
Reportql analyzes the questions posed to it with schema learning capabilities and gives you instant answers specific to your business.
Visualize the results right away
Visualize the data by converting the results in table format into pie, bar or various graphs with just one click.
Share your visualized data with your colleagues
Reportql AI support allows you to instantly share the data you visualize with your internal and external stakeholders, making your rational decision-making processes more efficient than ever.

Who Benefits?

Reportql provides fast and effective solutions for IT Teams, Software Vendors and Manufacturers when visualazation the data.

Developers usually struggle when designing reports in BI tools. In daily workflow, end users need real-time information so quickly rather than in-depth analysis. With Reportql, developers can avoid repetitive development cycles for simple report creation or dashboard design.

Since Reportql can be easily embedded and integrated into existing or tailor-made software, it enables both software vendors and manufacturers to achieve high levels of customer success in the reporting services they provide to their clients.