Visualize Your
Data with AI

Reportql is a SQL-based, AI-powered data visualization tool. No more time consuming development cycles and outdated tools when visualizing the data.

Generate real-time analysis, reports or notifications with ease!

From basic e-mail reports to complex dashboards, start delivering data by simply database connection.

Integrate your database with AI!

Without any training or investment cost, Reportql can effortlessly query your data in natural language and get instant answers! Support for multiple AI models (OpenAI, Google Gemini and Mistral) eliminates the need for development and AI model training costs.

Unlock Real-Time Insights

Create dashboards using real-time data from different databases and display essential metrics side by side on a single screen.

Deliver automated emails from your database

Notify users scheduled or event-driven email reports through your database.

Detect shifts in metrics

Create alert notifications or scheduled emails such as KPI’s, trends, anomalies or metric digests and send them to the right person at the right time.

Empower data visualization in
multiple ways

Low-code accelerates report creation for developers by tenfold. AI removes developer dependency of end user to access the data instantly.

Who Benefits?

Reportql provides fast and effective solutions for IT Teams, Software Vendors and Manufacturers when visualazation the data.

Developers usually struggle when designing reports in BI tools. In daily workflow, end users need real-time information so quickly rather than in-depth analysis. With Reportql, developers can avoid repetitive development cycles for simple report creation or dashboard design.

Since Reportql can be easily embedded and integrated into existing or tailor-made software, it enables both software vendors and manufacturers to achieve high levels of customer success in the reporting services they provide to their clients.