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How It Works

Reportql harnesses the power of SQL engine technology combined with artificial intelligence to provide a seamless data visualization experience. It works by:

  1. Connecting to Multiple Data Sources: Users can link Reportql to various databases, including PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server, to fetch real-time data.
  2. Translating Queries into SQL: Leveraging AI, Reportql interprets user queries and automatically translates them into SQL clauses, eliminating the need for complex SQL knowledge.
  3. Visualizing Data: The platform allows users to view data in multiple formats—text, tables, or graphs—through a user-friendly interface, aiding in the creation of comprehensive reports and dashboards.
  4. Integrating and Alerting: Reportql integrates with popular applications (e.g., Teams, Slack, Gmail) for seamless access and sharing of data, and it can send scheduled reports and alert notifications to preempt critical issues.

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