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Dashboards provide a consolidated view of your data and insights. 

To create a Dashboard:

  1. Access dashboards: Go to Dashboard and click ‘Add New’.
  1. Select Dashboard Type: Choose from Single Grid Report or Full Dashboard. 
  1. Single Grid Report: Enter Report Name*, Label, Description, “Featured report?” and/or “Is it available to all users?” select and proceed
  1. Single Grid Report: Select the Data Source connection or click Create a new Connection(For this see)
  1. Single Grid Report: Select the component you want from Server Table, Client Table or Pivot options.
  1.  Single Grid Report: Choose the options you want from Paging, Sorting, Filtering, Column Selecting, Report Designing and Excel Export.
  1. Single Grid Report: Enter the required SQL query for your report and click Add.


  1. Single Grid Report: Click the Generate Report button.
  1. Single Grid Report: View your resulting report and click Options to edit it.
  1. Layout and Design: Arrange the widgets in your dashboard and adjust their size and layout for optimal viewing.
  2. Save and Share: Once you’re happy with your board, save it. You can then share it with other users or teams as needed.
  3. Full Dashboard:Go to the Dashboard section and click ‘Add New’.
  1. Full Dashboard: Select the Full Dashboard option.
  1. Full Dashboard: On the screen that opens, press the “Add New” button to add a new component to your dashboard.
  1. Full Dashboard: Select Item or Parameter.
  1. Full Dashboard: Select the component you want to add.
  1. Full Dashboard: Enter the Name, Size, Region, SQL query information of the component you added. (E.g. Server Table) Select the Paging, Sorting, Filtering, Column Select, Report Design and/or Excel Export options and save.
  2. Full Dashboard: Select one of the parameter options.                        
  3. Full Dashboard: Enter the Name, Parameter name, Size, Region and Query date format information and save the parameter.
  1. Full Dashboard: To sort the items or parameters you added, click the Sort button and select the component you want to sort.
  1. Full Dashboard: Sort and save Dashboard items using drag-and-drop.
  1. Full Dashboard: By clicking the Import Option, you can view and edit the dashboards that were previously created and shared with you via Reportql.


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