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  1. Ana Sayfa
    1. This is the main landing page of the Reportql dashboard. Here you can find a summary of recent activities, quick access to your reports, and information about new features or updates.
  1. Favorites
    1. The Favorites section provides quick access to the reports and tools you use most. You can add or remove items from this area according to your needs.
  1. Reports
    1. boards
      1. In the Dashboards section, you can create, view and manage various dashboards. Dashboards provide a visual representation of your data and allow you to track important metrics and KPIs in real time. You can customize dashboards to include graphs, charts, and other visual elements.
  1. AI Chat
    1. The AI ​​Chat section allows you to interact with Reportql’s AI assistant. You can ask questions about your data, create reports, and get insights through natural language queries. This feature uses artificial intelligence to provide fast and accurate answers to your business questions.
  1. Planned
    1. In the Scheduled section, you manage all your scheduled reports and tasks. You can set up automatic reports to be created and sent at specific times, so you and your team always have the most up-to-date information without manual intervention.
  1. Management
    1. Settings
      1. The Settings section allows you to configure your Reportql account and preferences. Here you can manage general settings, update your profile and set your notification preferences. There are also system configurations and options to customize the platform to your needs.
  1. Users
    1. In the Users section, you can manage user accounts and permissions. This field is important for administrators who need to add, remove, or update user roles and access levels within the organization. Proper user management helps ensure data security and control over who can access certain reports and features.
  1. Support
    1. The support section provides access to customer support resources. If you encounter any problems or have questions about using Reportql, you can reach the support team here. This section may contain frequently asked questions, documentation, and direct contact options for technical support.

Navigating these sections and understanding how to structure each one according to your organization’s needs will maximize your Reportql experience and enable you to take full advantage of its powerful data visualization and analysis capabilities.

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